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What Our Graduates Say:

"My consciousness expanded, and I connected with the source of all energy. I feel like I have reconnected with powers that I previously had, but of which I had no experience in this lifetime. I am now feeling more powerful and at the same time more grounded. I am alive!!"
Kevin Wagner, Sydney, Australia

"It was marvelous. The Huna Intensive opened my head, my eyes, and my soul. It was as if someone took a veil off of reality and for the first time I saw the Universe how it really is. I cried after that first initiation, just wonderful -- the only time in my life that ever happened."
Bogdan Bobocea, Sydney, Australia

"This is the most effective magical discipline I have ever seen in 40 years of study of the esoteric. Not only is there intellectual learning, but there are also techniques that produce results. This is real Magic, not armchair magic."
Rex Shudde, Carmel, CA

"I came back from Huna and taught my daughter Hakalau, and her depression which had been a problem for her for years totally disappeared! Thank-you, Huna.
Jennifer McIntosh, Sydney, Australia

"Absolutely fantastic. Clearly the most spiritual experience I've ever had. I feel my life will be forever enlightened."
Colleen Oland Duluth, Minnesota

"An incredible experience! What I've been looking for all my life. I feel this is a true source where I can integrate and be who I really am."
Neal Wentz Seattle, Washington

"The connection to the higher self was one of the most powerful inductions that I have experienced."
John Marszalek, NLP Trainer Dallas, Texas

"The program was phenomenal. It was well integrated, very powerful and totally enjoyable. I learned so much, and I feel that I was moving on to a whole new level of consciousness"
Melissa Zwanger New York, New York

"I am very impressed by what I've learned today. I am filled with greater love and feel more beauty in everything and a deeper appreciation - very nice. Mahalo and aloha."
Suzanne Hickey Fairfield, Iowa

"It was such a gift to be introduced to this learning and to clear so many deep issues. Words can't express my feelings of gratitude."
Robert Haldeman San Antonio, Texas

"Huna is a wonderful addition to what else I've learned from Tad! They teach the most advanced human change technology available today!"
Michele Martin Santa Monica, California

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