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Throughout the world, all the ancient teachings agree - any Kahuna, Shamanistic, or magical discipline requires that the Kahuna be able to enter an altered state rapidly and at will. But what kind of an altered state? The word Kahu-na will give us a clue. Na means "quiet, calm, centered." So some kind of ability to enter a calm centered state is what is necessary. But that in itself is not really quite enough in Huna.

You see, in actual practice, a calm, centered state is just the first step. Ultimately, we must reveal the finer planes of creation or levels of the creation, unseen to the normal eye must be revealed directly to the Kahuna. To achieve this, many cultures used drugs. Native Americans in dry southern climates used peyote. Rituals, such as rattling or drumming, were also used to induce an altered state.

But, to be honest, Hawaii didn't really have an effective substance for achieving altered states. Awa (kavakava) is only mildly hallucinogenic. (Personally, we find this rather refreshing to find that in Huna we do not need to take massive amounts of mind altering drugs as did some of our counterparts in other cultures because excessive drug use can lock you into the lower planes, and thus de-evolve the user.) So in Hawaii, other means were found to evolve the consciousness.

In every system, one of the first things a Kahuna learns is the ability to access altered states rapidly, and it is having this ability that will often determine success. The first step in cultivating the ability to rapidly access altered states rapidly, is to learn a form of active meditation -- Hakalau! Learning how to breathe in preparation for meditation is also important -- Ha breathing.

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