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PRACTICE: Let's get started chanting. If this is the first time you have ever chanted, you may want to start with the vowels. In Hawaiian, here's how each vowel sounds:

A = ah (as in "ha, ha")

E = eh (as in "check")

I = ee (as in "team")

O = oh (as in "home")

U = oo (as in "who")

Even when vowels are doubled up, such as in the Hawaiian, "oo" it is still, "oh-oh," and not "oo." (We're told the vowels are the same as they are in Spanish.)

So, to start, you may want to chant the vowels, as each beginning chanting student does. Stand up, take a deep breath, and chant "aaaaaaaaaaa" for the entire breath, and then continue with each of the vowels. Repeat. Continue for five minutes.

Notice the feelings inside as you chant. What's happening in there? Pay attention to other parts of your body. How are they affected? Each vowel activates a different part of your neurology, so notice what's going on as you chant.

Now, let's move on to learning a Hawaiian chant. After you know the vowels, the whole word is easy. This chant is called Ho'opuka E-ka-la Ma Kahikina.

First, read the English, so you have an idea of the purpose and meaning of the chant.


Ho'opuka E-ka-la Ma Kahikina
(A chant to invoke the dawning of enlightenment)

"Rise upward" (Repeated 3 times) "Go into the sun, make a hole in the sunlight and find the light behind the light. Like the sun rising in the East, let the source of all light come and dawn on me. From your foundation, lift up; move from your origin. By (means of) breathing come to me. Take me by force loudly, as Hi'iaka (a goddess of healing). Tapo, Laka (a goddess of light, and the Hula) come to me, drift upon me, increase, spread (as I hear this chant). Bring me the means of life. Creeping along like the lava, come to me. Take me by force loudly! By means of release, come and be with me. Cause meditation to come to me by means of this sacred ceremony belonging only to the ali'i (royalty).

"By means of the (spiritual) food, we acquire the means of life forever, and permanent wisdom.

"A chant in honor of the (means of) the dawning of enlightenment."

Ho'opuka E-Ka-La Ma Ka Hikina

Ai, Ai, Ai.
Ho'opuka e-ka-la ma ka hikina e
Kahua ka'i hele no tumutahi
Ha'a mai na'i wa me Hi'iaka
Tapo Laka ika ulu wehiwehi
Nee mai na'i wa ma ku'u alo
Ho'i no'o e te tapu me na'ali'i e

E ola makou a mau loa lae
Eala, eala, ea. A ie ilei ie ie ie.
He inoa no ma ka hikina

Begin by saying the words out loud, then add the tune.

If you'd like to learn this Hawaiian chant, there is a tape that will help with the tune and the tempo. All our students receive this tape at no charge when they decide to join us for Huna Level 1.

PHILOSOPHY: "But how do I tap into this energy," he asked. "Little one," said the Kahuna, "there is a rain barrel of water over your head, and you're trying to fit it through the eye- dropper of your neurology. You need to practice and expand your capability. Chant! Breathe! Meditate!!!"

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