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Our Huna Intensive is held twice each year. For our last one, we chose Rotorua because it is part of the roots of the Ancient Huna teaching. According to tradition in 1340, 7 canoes left Hawai'i and arrived in New Zealand. In the ensuing years the Maori culture, as you will see, enforced their boundaries in a way that the Hawaiians did not, and so, preserved the ancient teachings in a way which was not possible in Hawai'i. Many of the ancient concepts present in the 1300 in Hawai'i, have long since disappeared. But they still survive in the Maori tradition. And so, we felt it was time for us to go back to our roots.

One of the most interesting events is the formal Maori welcome called "whare" and pronounced "fah-re" . They say, "Kia Ora", meaning "Welcome."

This is from our visit to a traditional Maori Village

Here they show us the practice of the ancient ways

The traditional ceremony with poi balls.

The Huna Intensive, itself, takes advantage of the beautiful surroundings

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We also go on a number of field trips during the Huna Intensive so that we can visit the ancient sites and see them first hand

New Zealand, like Hawai'i is very volcanic.

The great similarity between the City of Refuge in Hawai'i on the left and the Traditional Maori village on the right. Both pictures are of a "City of Refuge", a place where one is reborn and renewed.

With tikis in both cultures

This site was abandoned after 1820 and fell into disuse. It was revived sometime in the 1950's and the site of the Heiau (Temple) was rededicated by Uncle George Naope, who is one of our teachers.

Woah....kinda scarey to ancient people. Wait, some people above and below are wearing RED!!!!

We also take a field trip to the Tarawera Volcano — Heading down in to the crater visible on the right above.

Here's the Tarawera Volcano from above.

This year, the weather was perfect...

Good Maori friends and teachers from Whakarewarewa village.

Tad points out an ancient site.

This picture has not been retouched it is the original color.

Wow...I've gotta find out what this is!

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The ancient ways are still practiced here. We investigate them on our visit to a Maori Village at night.

We are welcomed in the traditional way.

Adriana James getting ready putting on the many layers of the ancient dance costume...

One of the Maori ceremonies

Tad James follows with a chant to Laka, the Goddess of the Hula, and he asks her to inspire us in our performance

A story of the ancient ways

Our late Alaka'i Sally Bishop chanted the Ho'opaa into the room...

Wow, even our old friends, Rex and Bobbie Shudde came back to our Ancient Huna Intensive.

And so we are complete with your Ancient Huna Experience. We'd love to have you come and join us! You can enroll in our next training: Enrollment Form

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If you can't join us in person, you can find Huna training on tape. This is an excellent resource for review or preparation for any of our Huna trainings: Huna: Exploring the Ancient Wisdom

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