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Casting Spells:

Most people are unaware that casting spells is something that goes on all the time. People cast spells on a regular basis. When you imagine something with a great amount of desire, when you visualize it over and over again, when you dwell on it, think about it and ruminate on it, you're actually doing a similar process to that of casting spells. Of course the ancient Hawaiians cast spells.

The process in Huna for casting spells involves more than just producing certain results in the immediate universe; it involves a process of personal growth and evolution with each spell you cast.

One of the major unspoken presuppositions when a person is casting a spell is that there is something that stops you from getting what you want. Otherwise you wouldn't need a spell. What is it then?

Considering your Universe as being your creation (which is another major assumption in Huna), your future is influenced by your past. The only point where you can change something about both the past and the future, is now. When you cast a spell, you need to make sure you understand the difference between the spell (which acts in the future) and the present the now.

There are people who cannot conceive that REAL is anything more than the physical plane - the matter which they can touch and feel. To believe what you do in your mind isn't real, you limit yourself. Dreams, thoughts, feelings are REAL to you; however they have no substance. That doesn't make them less real.

In Huna, spell casting always works on the presupposition that the call to the higher level demands an answer. Even the DESIRE for casting a spell has already put in motion some forces. This is in fact one of the many assumptions of Huna Magic.

Knowing this, in the process of casting a spell, you have to ask yourself always several questions:

  1. Is this REALLY what I want?
  2. What are the long term effects of my casting this spell?
  3. What would REALLY happen in short and long term if I get what I want through casting this spell?

In Huna there is another major assumption: if the spell is not win-win, you may have to pay. Every action implies a reaction. This is why is important to check carefully the consequences of your actions for yourself and all others around you.

We know all so well, that one of the laws of the universe is, "any cause produces an effect"; we also know that any cause, after going out into the world, will return to its source. So out of these two laws, the third one appeared: the cause will produce that effect, good or bad, for which it was provoked. This implies how careful we should be with every action, word, or thought, for each of them unleashes the cause producing effects about which we are not sure. Following this short analysis, we can also say that any "bad" or "good" thing form wherever it comes, is our own making.

Let's take the example of the mythological serpent with the tail in his mouth. The symbolic serpent has emitted a cause. Let us say that it has eaten it. After going through his body, the cause has come out under the form of waste. The serpent looks and cannot believe that waste is its doing. 'I ate only good and tasty things, how is it possible this transformation in this unbearable product?' The point is not to get angry and curse the tail for producing something you do not like. This is the effect of your behavior. Do not look around for something or someone to blame when the effects are in discordance with your liking. Sometimes the re-action may come under a form, which you cannot recognize, but it is always your action that started the process. This may not be always pleasant, but how empowering to know that we are at cause of everything happening in our universe.

Knowing this, what kind of spells can we cast? A few examples of spells with the most benefic effect over us are those related to health, of the physical or emotional or mental or even spiritual body, releasing past issues, finding the life purpose and living It, time constriction and expanding, increasing the energy level in the body and opening Chakras.

So, how do you actually cast a spell?

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Make a written statement of it (for those who know NLP you can use here all the Keys to an achievable outcome)
  3. Make sure you state the spell the way you want it not the way you don't want it (e.g: I want my body to be totally healthy rather than I don't want pain in my body).
  4. Cast the spell.

    WARNING: You can improve your relationship if there are things you're not happy with, but here's a warning: love and hate spells have a particular nasty effect to backlash upon you. Use not fear, for fear binds you to the darkness. Be careful with what you wish for. It will come true.

Remember you get what you focus on, so focus on what you want. If you want light, focus on the light. Declare yourself to be the conscious cause of all that happens in this universe and thereby take responsibility for all that happens.This is the step that raises you to the stature of magnificence and makes you the Kahuna. To gain maximum control in the universe, assume cause for every effect.

BALANCE: With regard to balance, it is important to remain balanced, grounded -- " is not enough for our mental and spiritual development that we draw down the Divine Light, we must also draw up the earth forces. Only too often mental health is sacrificed to spiritual development through ignorance of, or denial of, this fact. Nature is God made manifest, and we blaspheme her at our peril... The adept never speaks of hell, but of the kingdoms of unbalanced force. [Fortune, 1922]

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