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Spiritual evolution is the fundamental work of mankind. As we begin our climb up out of the lowest depths of the evolutionary path, we begin to realize that there is something more to life. At some point in our climb we begin to ask, "What can I do spiritually to evolve myself more quickly?"

First consider that we are evolving not as one self, or one mind, but as three. Continuing evolution for all forms of life moving from the lowest form to the highest form is a basic concept in Huna, well documented in the Kumulipo (the ancient Hawaiian chant of creation). [Beckwith, 1951] It is easiest to think of all three of the selves of a man incarnating in a single human being, and then each one evolving so that the Unconscious Mind evolves to become a Conscious Mind, and the Conscious Mind evolves to become a Higher Conscious Mind. Think of the three as a team -- when one of the team steps up, the others step up also.

OUR OWN EVOLUTION: The description of the Higher Self lights the evolutionary path for us. Our evolution as a Conscious Mind requires that we first establish rapport with the Unconscious Mind. It is a mistake to believe that the Unconscious Mind can be beaten into submission. It must be loved and nurtured by the Conscious Mind, as a parent would love a child.

Then with the rapport established, the Unconscious Mind must be cleared of all negative emotions, fixations, complexes and false identifications. This is what is required for the Unconscious Mind to evolve to become a Conscious Mind. It is the Conscious Mind who must assist the Unconscious Mind to do this process. As is shown in the work of Milton Erickson, clearing out all the negative emotions, fixations, complexes and false identifications must be accomplished by the cooperation of both the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind.

When this has been accomplished, we must then balance the energy in the Physical Body so that the neurology can handle the balanced energy of the Higher Self. This means we must balance the male and female, the fire and water, the Yin and Yang.

This balance will culture the nervous system so that it can handle the higher Vibrational energies -- the higher vibration or frequency of the Higher Self. We the need to continue to raise the ability of the nervous system to handle higher an higher vibrations and frequencies of the energy. Some specific ways for doing this are outlined in Meditation, Chanting and Symbols

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