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We all have access to all of the gods, angels, and teachers. You have assistance to do whatever you need, to do. And they're ready to assist you.

If, however, you feel you are held back by negative entities or negative energies, look again. This time look inside. You'll probably find it's your own negative emotions that hold you back. As soon as you remember who you really are (light, love, joy, and happiness) the negative energies loose their power in the light. Remember, focus on what you want.

If you are doing Noho with an entity of the light, you will quickly find that it will not use "should." It will never tell you what to do. It won't judge you. Higher level guidance does not judge. Expect to find only love there. You will find that a higher level being will discuss, lecture, etc. -- but not judge. Beings of the light will be all love.

Just remember who you are! Remember you're a being of light. Send the negative energies light and love. Love will always triumph as it is the most powerful, and it cuts through the negativity.

To protect oneself from unwanted energies, you have to remember one paradox:

It is important to know, for the purpose of understanding how things work, is that the World is as you think it is. Reality is relative to the observer. Truly the basis of all shamanic practice is that your world is a reflection of your beliefs. In the Middle Ages people believed the world was flat and before that they thought the Sun moved around the Earth. These were the beliefs of those times.

Even today, we believe and we're confident about many things, but we know only what we perceive through our 5 senses. The world is what we think. As we change out perception (therefore our beliefs) our universe changes as well.

If you believe that you're broke, hopeless and a poor helpless victim, this is going to be your world. Michael Talbot, the author of The Holographic Universe showed us how "spontaneous remission" could occur by holding in mind the right belief therefore transforming illness to health. Think for a moment of how many important changes YOU made throughout your life by becoming aware of different choices.

While the world is what you think it is, the shaman goes a step deeper. You are projecting the play called "your life" through your decisions, beliefs and choices day by day. Everything in your awareness is a reflection of you and your beliefs. Therefore what you perceive to be "the truth" is only your experience Ð through your own filters of what we call "life".

Since perception is projection, any unwanted energies are simply unresolved material at the unconscious level Alan P. Lewis, the "Golden Kahuna, "says that " it is wrong and negative to hold onto the extreme fears. When you and your subconscious are agreed that it is time to remove and release them, wipe (them] clean..." (Lewis, 1983)

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